Office of Research, UC Riverside
Office of Technology Commercialization



Mission Statement

The Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC) at the University of California at Riverside (UCR) facilitates the development, protection and commercialization of UCR's campus research and intellectual property.  The OTC assists in the invention disclosure process of UCR's innovative technologies and the legal protection of researcher's developed intellectual property.  The OTC provides the financial resources and management of the costs/benefits associated with intellectual property development at UCR.  The OTC seeks out commercial parties which in turn are licensed UCR's technologies, the goal being to bring technologies to the marketplace for the benefit to society.  The OTC provides information and counseling for UCR's faculty and staff on all aspects of intellectual property arising from their research activities, consulting relationships and industrial collaborations.  The OTC also coordinates with other agencies to promote local and regional economic development based on UCR research and innovations.


Part of UCR's public service mission is to ensure that the results of its research are made available for the public's use and benefit.  UCR transfers its developed technologies through the education of students, publication of research, and the development of inventions which are transformed by the commercial marketplace into products and services that are available to the public.  UCR maintains an active patenting and patent licensing program to help facilitate this activity on behalf of UCR.

UCR licenses intellectual property to industry to promote active development and commercialization of inventions.  Invention related royalty revenue supports further research and education at UCR, with a share of the income going to the inventor(s).  The OTC oversees the intellectual property aspect of these inventions to assure that UCR meets its patent-related obligations to sponsors of research.  UCR increasingly is called upon to participate in a broad spectrum of research relationships with governmental agencies, nonprofit foundations and industry.  These relationships encompass traditional extramural research funding arrangements and a variety of research collaborations, multi-party research consortia, student and faculty personnel visits, and shared use of external equipment and facilities.  When properly aligned, all such relationships can help both UCR and the external parties advance their respective and mutual research interests.  These relationships increase the opportunities for the development of inventions with practical applications.  UCR's inventions come from a wide variety of innovative technical areas including plant varieties, plant genomics, biomedical sciences, materials science, engineering and life sciences.