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Randall Lewis Seminar: Building California's Future

Mike Van Daele leads one of Southern California's most successful home builders. He has nearly 40 year's experience in new home construction. As California struggles with a seemingly unsolvable housing crisis, the state suffers under a 1,500,000+ housing unit shortfall. Van Daele brings a unique perspective to the problem, that of the successful practitioner. Through all of California's economic challenges, he has found a way to continue building the new homes Californians need. With home ownership at its lowest level since the 1940s, the state needs 1.8 million new homes by 2025 but we have averaged fewer than 80,000 permits per year over the last ten years.

Come hear Mike Van Daele discuss California's housing crisis, affordability and how to meet our future needs.


Event Date 4/19/2017
Registration Begins 3/2/2017
Registration Ends 4/19/2017