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Program Deadline Synopsis
Alzheimer's Disease Center: Pilot Grants late February/early March Pilot grants to support research which contributes to an improved understanding of Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.
Berkeley-Austria Fund February 1 Berkeley-Austria Call for Projects for UC Faculty is a grant for faculty in the social sciences whose work focuses on political economy, broadly defined. The award will amount to $4,000 for visits of up to one month.
Biotechnology Program (UC Discovery Grants) varies The Biotechnology program funds: Agriculture, Biomaterials, Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Marine Sciences, Medicine Veterinary and Stem Cell Research.
Biotechnology Research and Education Program not applicable Supports research in biotechnology through the Graduate Research and Education in Adaptive Bio-Technology (GREAT) Training Program.Note: UC BREP was not recommended for renewed funding. There will be no new calls for pre-proposals and UC BREP will close on June 30, 2010.
Breast Cancer Research Program: Apply for Funding varies Supports breast cancer research, communication, and collaboration through Dissertation and Postdoctoral Fellowship Awards, Community Research Collaboration, and Innovative, Developmental, Exploratory Awards (IDEAs).
California HIV/AIDS Research Program September for letters of intent Awards are offered in three different field areas: Basic Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and Social and Behavioral Sciences.
California Institute for Energy and the Environment varies CIEE provides support to all areas of public interest energy research in California.
California Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways varies PATH's mission is to develop solutions to the problems of California's surface transportation systems through cutting edge research in intelligent transit.
California Policy Research Program late October Advances public understanding of state policy issues in all areas including Policy Research.
California Program on Access to Care November for letters of intent This applied policy research program addresses issues related to access to health care for low-income populations.
California Sea Grant College Program: Funding Opportunities varies Supports research on ocean and coastal resources.
UC California Studies Consortium, UCHRI: Funding Opportunities February UCCSC supports collaborative research by UC faculty, graduate students, and their colleagues at other institutions as part of a new University-wide California Studies research initiative for the humanities, arts and social sciences.
Canada-California Strategic Innovation Partnership (CCSIP) February for letters of intent Co-sponsored by UCOP and International Science and Technology Partnerships Canada, this program is intended to stimulate novel ideas and catalyze the development of innovative multicampus and multidisciplinary research and educational collaborations between partners in both jurisdictions.
Cancer Center, UCD: Grants and Awards varies Provides grants and developmental awards for research on cancer, with the aim of developing more effective methods of preventing, diagnosing and treating cancer.
Cancer Research Coordinating Committee December Supports research on the cancer problem, including its origin, prevention and cure.
Center for Comparative Immigration Studies: Fellowship Opportunities January 15 CCIS conducts comparative research on international migration and refugee flows throughout the world. Funds postdoctoral scholars through a visiting fellowship program.
Center for Health and Nutrition Research:
Research and Grants
March A major goal of the Center is to promote the health of Californians by identifying the roles of California fruits, vegetables and nuts in providing vitamins and other phytochemicals that can lower the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Support research projects that propose innovative biology-based approaches to the investigation of how nutrients, and combinations of nutrients in whole foods, can act to reduce the risk for chronic diseases.
UC Center for New Racial Studies (UCCNRS) March The mission of the Center is to support innovation in UC-based race/ethnicity research and teaching and to encourage interdisciplinary and collaborative work focused on advancing social/racial justice in an era of changing racial dynamics and persistent racial/ethnic conflict and inequality. Two types of grants will be awarded: Faculty Seed Grantsof up to $20,000 for up to one year available to UC ladder faculty;Graduate Student Research Grants of up to $10,000 for up to one year.
Center for US-Mexican Studies: Visiting Fellows Program varies The Visiting Fellows Program is the largest residential fellowship program in the United States for research on Mexico. Each year the program brings together scholars from the social sciences, history, and related fields. The Center's current research interests focus on economic development and social policy.
UC College Prep (UCCP): UCCP Labs - RFPS and Courses in Production varies UCCP uses online technology along with engaging and highly interactive course content to provide students with access to college preparatory and college level courses.
Communications and Networking Program (UC Discovery Grants) varies Grants span the full spectrum of emerging communications and networking research opportunities and needs - underlying wired, wireless, and Internet strategies.
Digital Media Program (UC Discovery Grants) varies The program funds research affecting the application of digital media technologies.
Education Abroad Program: Overview of Faculty Opportunities varies This program provides academic exchanges and integrates international curricula and learning opportunities into the University.
Electronics Manufacturing and New Materials (UC Discovery Grants) varies Funds electronics manufacturing research that enhances efficiency, leads to technology breakthroughs, and produces a highly skilled workforce.
Energy Institute (UCEI) varies Fosters support for research in energy fields; supports interdisciplinary, policy-related studies on critical energy issues in the natural and social sciences and engineering.
Fellowship Programs for Diversity varies These programs encourage doctoral candidates and Ph.D. holders to pursue careers as faculty in fields where they are underrepresented.
Gaspar de Portola Catalonian Studies Program April 15 and October 15 This program invites applications from UC faculty for scholarly visits to Catalan universities and research institutes.
Health Initiative of the Americas June The Initiative's objective is to coordinate and optimize the availability of health resources for Mexican immigrants and their families through bilateral training, research, and health promotion activities.
University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) varies Supports research in humanities disciplines as well as the pressing human dimensions that arise in the social and natural sciences.
Information Technology for Life Sciences (UC Discovery Grants) varies The program funds research on information technology aspects of life sciences, health care, agriculture, environment, and marine resources.
Institute of American Cultures, UCLA January The IAC offers fellowships to support research on African Americans, American Indians, Asian Americans, and Chicanas/os.
Institute of European Studies: Grants and Fellowships varies Funds research on Europe and sponsors conferences, colloquia, workshops and lectures.
Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics, LANL March or April Supports basic research in geophysics, planetary and space physics, geochemistry, paleobiology, and astrophysics.
Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation (IGCC) varies IGCC supports research on causes of international conflict and opportunities for international cooperation.
Institute for Laser Science and Applications, LLNL varies Requests proposals involving LLNL's HED facilities, such as the Jupiter Laser Facility.
Institute for Research in the Arts (UCIRA) varies UCIRA works to develop new approaches to artistic practice and better ways of reaching audiences. Funds individuals as well as special events and programs.
Institute for Scientific Computing Research, LLNL: Sponsored Projects varies This program funds research into scientific computing, computer science, and computational mathematics.
Integrated Pest Management Program, UC Statewide: Grant Programs varies Provides support for pest management research and reducing pesticide load in the environment.
Kearney Foundation of Soil Science varies Supports research in the fields of soils, plant nutrition, and water science.
Lab Research Program August Funded by a portion of the management fees that may be awarded to UC for the management of LANL and LLNL. Supports research that is related to the missions of LANL and LLNL and emphasizes collaborations between University faculty, staff and students and the research staff of the laboratories.
Labor and Employment Research Fund (component of the Miguel Contreras Labor Program) October Funds UC faculty research and data generation grants; and workshop, planning, and conference grants. Also funds graduate student doctoral dissertation fellowships, thesis fellowships, and mini-grants.
Latino Policy Institute varies Advances public understanding of state policy issues related to California's Latino population.
Lawrence Fellowship Program, LLNL November This fellowship has a three year term. The fellows may participate in experimental and/or theoretical work at LLNL. They will have access to LLNL's extensive computing facilities, specialized laboratory facilities and field equipment.
E. O. Lawrence Postdoctoral Fellowship Program, LBNL varies Provides challenging opportunities to conduct research in areas supportive of the LBNL mission. LBNL research areas include Computing Sciences, General Sciences, Life & Environmental Sciences and Physical Sciences.
Linguistic Minority Research Institute February 1, October 1 Supports research that improves the schooling conditions and academic achievement of language minority youth.
Marine Council: Coastal Environmental Quality Initiative February Supports research aimed at understanding California's shoreline and coastal waters.
Medical Investigation of Neurological Disorders (M. I. N. D.) Institute: Postdoctoral Training varies Supports research for developing the critical knowledge needed for effective treatment, prevention and cure of the autism spectrum and other related neurodevelopmental disorders.
UC MEXUS - UC Institute for Mexico and the United States: Funding Opportunities varies Supports projects in all fields related to US-Mexico relations.
Microelectronics Innovation and Computer Research (formerly the MICRO Program) (UC Discovery Grants) varies This program supports innovation in microelectronics and its applications in computer sciences, information sciences, and its necessary antecedents in other physical sciences disciplines.
Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science, UC Berkeley September Supports basic research on the Berkeley campus in the areas of physical, biological, mathematical and engineering science. Offers Fellowships, Research Professorships and Visiting Research Professorships.
Mosquito Research Program varies This program supports research on control methods for mosquitoes and related topics.
National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis January NCEAS seeks projects that address the development and testing of important ecological ideas and theories using existing data, analysis of ecological information, research on data access and use, use of science in policy and management decisions, and investigating sociological issues that pertain to the science of ecology. NCEAS supports Working Groups, Postdoctoral Associates, Sabbatical Fellows and Distributed Graduate Seminars.
Natural Reserve System: Mathias Grant, Reserve-Specific Grants October for Mathias Grant, January for Reserve-Specific Grant Supports short-term and long-term research and education in all disciplines at NRS reserves.
Office of Educational Development Grants May for Instructional Improvement Grant Offers Instructional Improvement Grant to improve instruction in existing courses or develop new courses.Also offers UC Berkeley Faculty Program for Engaged Scholarship.
Pacific Rim Research Program mid November for UCB regular grant program; February 15 and October 15 for mini-grant program Promotes study of the Pacific Rim as a distinctive region, awarding grants in all fields. Also awards mini-grants up to $3,000.
Pacific Southwest Regional Center of Excellence for Biodefense and Emerging Infectious Diseases: Funding Opportunities varies Offers Career Development and Developmental Project Awards.
President's Postdoctoral Fellowship Program: How to Apply November Supports researchers and mentors toward academic career advancement with the aim of increasing diversity.
President's Faculty Research Fellowships in the Humanities, UCHRI January The purpose of this program is to provide increased support for UC faculty research in the humanities.
Prostate Cancer Center, UCSF: Developmental Research Program varies Gives Career Development Awards and Developmental Research Grants to basic and clinical investigators at all levels for work on prostate cancer.
Renewable Resources Extension Act: Proposals September Supports new or existing projects/activities that promote the proper management of California's renewable resources, especially on private lands.
Research Grants for Librarians early January Funds librarians seeking to engage in scholarly research and creative activity.
Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research Fund of California varies Funds are used to launch unique, creative research projects by faculty throughout the UC system and the state of California.
Salinity/Drainage Program varies This program supports research on salinity, drainage, selenium and other toxic element problems in the San Joaquin Valley.Also offers Irrigation Management Program (Prosser Trust) grants.
Sierra Foothill Research & Extension Center: Request for New Proposals varies The Center provides land, labor, facilities and management for projects related to Mediterranean woodland ecosystems, particularly as managed to produce many benefits to society.
Slosson Endowment Fund for Ornamental Horticulture, Elvenia J.: Call for Proposals mid December This fund supports the advancement and promotion of the science and practice of horticulture, particularly including ornamental horticulture.
Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program: Funding Opportunities March 15 Addresses challenges facing state agriculture, including sustainability, environmental health, and economic and social factors.
Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program December Funds research in all relevant scientific disciplines designed to improve tobacco control, and the prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and treatment of tobacco-related disease.
Toxic Substances Research and Teaching Program: Grants Program January Offers Collaborative Research Grants and Workshop or Seminar Series funding. In addition Intercampus Travel Grants are available throughout the year.
Transportation Center, UC March for Faculty Research; April, November for Dissertation Research UCTC offersfaculty research grants and dissertation research grants.
Water Resources Center varies Research proposals selected for funding must be both relevant to water issues in California and scientifically sound. Categories include: Hydrology, Climatology & Hydraulics; Aquatic Ecosystems; Water Quality; Water Development & Management Alternatives; Water Law, Institutions & Policy; Special Projects.
Welfare Policy Research Project: Requests for Proposals varies Advances public understanding of state policy issues in all areas, including welfare policy research.
Western Integrated Pest Management Center: Funding Opportunities varies Supports research in pest management.
White Mountain Research Station: Applying to Visit open Provides an excellent locale for research in physiology, ecology, atmospheric and earth sciences, and natural resource management and policy.