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UCR-CAN Calls for Proposals of Pilot Project

The Center for Advanced Neuroimaging (CAN) is a newly established MRI imaging facility that is aimed at providing state-of-art capabilities for neuroimaging and other applications of MRI. It is equipped with a state-of-art 3T MRI scanner (Siemens Prisma) for human imaging and will soon be equipped with an insert for small animal imaging. Furthermore, it is staffed with 3 highly experienced full time support staff. The techniques that are available include structural imaging, functional brain imaging, perfusion imaging, diffusion imaging, susceptibility imaging, and in vivo MR spectroscopy. These techniques are expected to play critical roles in noninvasive studies of brain and other organs.

This call for proposal is aimed at stimulating new projects utilizing the imaging centers and at providing a vehicle for feasibility testing and pilot data collection for new projects and/or new collaborations. Each approved pilot project will be granted a limited usage of the MRI scanner (~10 hours) and support of staff in terms protocol design, data acquisition and analysis.

Application: The center for advanced neuroimaging (CAN) cordially invites all members of the UCR ladder and clinical faculty to submit proposals of pilot project (a) to test ideas for potentially fundable long-term projects; (b) to collect pilot MRI data for grant applications; or (c) to establish feasibility for new collaborations.

Pilot proposals should be prepared using the attached application form and should be submitted electronically to using the attached application form and including sufficient details for evaluation. Ten (10) hours of scanning time is recommended for each pilot project. Each PI can hold at most two current pilot projects. Approved scanner time will be valid for 1 year from the time of the approval. In addition to scanner time, approved pilot projects will have access the center’s technical and scientific expertise in terms of protocol design, data collection and data analysis.

Pilot Projects will be funded based on their merits. Applications must be submitted at least three (3) weeks prior to the intended start date. An IRB (for human study)/IACUC (for animal study) approval must be in place before the start of the project. Once received, applications will be reviewed by the scientific advisory committee (SAC) of the center based on its scientific merit, impact, potential for external funding and feasibility. A decision will be made by the CAN director based on the committee review and MR time availability and emailed to the applicant.

For more details, please see the attached pilot project policy and visit the UCR-CAN website ( or contact CAN via email (, phone (2-7535) or fax (2-7537).


Pilot Project Application