Office of Research, UC Riverside
Office of Research Integrity

Animal Occupational Health and Safety Program

The Animal Care and Use Training, Health and Education program requires enrollment in the UCR Animal Occupational Health and Safety Program.  Enrollment entails submitting a brief, confidential Animal Handler's and User's Medical questionnaire (OHP form).

Mail or bring the completed medical questionnaire (marked Confidential) to the Office of the Campus Veterinarian, University Office Building, Room 216. Please note: Incomplete forms cannot be screened. 
Forms must include the PI name and protocol in which you will be working. 
Also, the immunization history must be filled in.

Federal regulations require that you submit a OHP form annually while you are actively working on an animal use protocol (AUP).  We do not keep copies of the forms, so if you will be working on the protocol in the future, it is suggested that you keep a copy of your form for reference when you are filling out your form next year.

The questionnaires are sent to Loma Linda University Health Care (LLUHC) for evaluation and approval by a medical occupational health specialist. Depending on the nature of the AUP and any pre-existing medical conditions of the applicant, additional information or other health-related procedures may be requested by LLUHC.  The costs for these additional procedures (physical exams, blood tests, urinanalyis, etc.) will be covered by the researcher responsible for the AUP.

If you have any questions, contact us at for further assistance.

Be informed, here are several resources of information regarding this topic:
1.  read this Allergy Information sheet for information on allergies
2.  use the UC Davis Risk Assessment Worksheet
3.  check out the  Zoonosis and Health Information Links to better evaluate your personal health risk.