Office of Research, UC Riverside
Office of Research Integrity

Institutional Review Board

The following are the most common issues that can lead to IRB application delays. Avoid these to ensure timely processing of your application and quicker approval.



1. Not following the instructions in the application or on the IRB (SB or Clin) websites

2. Not providing required attachments (e.g., informed consent form, survey instruments, questionnaires, etc.)

3. Not following the current UCR Informed Consent Guide

4. Including inconsistent information between the IRB application and the consent form

5. Not describing the plan for storing sensitive research data

6. Not describing an adequate plan for documenting the informed consent process in research notes

7. Not providing information that is requested after review


8. Not writing consent forms in the second person (e.g. correct format: “You are invited to be a part of a study…”)

9. Misunderstanding the federal definition of Minimal Risk research

10. Providing incomplete grant or funding information


11. Failing to provide letters of permission (access letters) from external sites involved in the research

12. Not completing the Human Subjects Protection Course for all those involved in the research


13. Forgetting to provide names or signatures on the last page of the application

14. Grammar or spelling errors

15. Submitting the application before contacting the IRB office to discuss research ethics issues


For more information, contact ORI (951-827-4802) or visit the respective IRB site (SB or Clin).