Office of Research, UC Riverside
Office of Research Integrity

Institutional Registration and Accreditation Numbers

Institutional Human Subjects Assurance

Institutional Federal-Wide Assurance #00001965

Effective Date: June 29, 2016 to December 5, 2021


Social/Behavioral IRB (Human Subjects) registration #IRB00000195

Clinical IRB (Human Subjects) registration #IRB00010015

Effective Date (both IRBs): June 30, 2016 to June 30, 2019


DoD (Department of Defense) Human Subjects FWA Addendum



Institutional Lab Animal Assurance

Institutional number: A3439-01

Effective Date: August 3, 2015 to August 31, 2019

Renewed every four years

AAALAC Accreditation

Institutional number: 000637

AAALAC Accreditation: 1986

Renewed every three years - most recent renewal: July 2, 2015

Scientific Misconduct Assurance

Institutional number: 0577506

Effective January 3, 2012

Renewed annually

US Department of Agriculture

Registration number: 93-R-0436

Expires September 15, 2020


USDA Type of Performing Institution Designation

Class R – Research Facility


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