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Citrus Tree
Photo by UCR Citrus Variety Collection

‘Oroblanco’ is a white fleshed fruit lacking bitterness that is tender, juicy and nearly seedless. It is a hybrid of pummelo and grapefruit that was developed and patented by University of California in 1979 (US Plant Patent PP4,645). It has a mild and sweet flavor with a thick rind. The patent has expired. This variety can be accessed through the Citrus Clonal Protection Program.

Oroblanco’ is a hybrid of 2N acidless pummelo and 4N seedy white grapefruit developed at the University of California, Riverside by Drs. Cameron and Soost.  The cross was made in 1958 and the ‘Oroblanco’ selection was released in 1980. Patent held by the University of California.

Rootstocks of accession: Carrizo citrange, C-35 citrange

Season of ripeness at Riverside: Early December to March

Season of ripeness at Lindcove: Late November through February

Notes and observations:

‘Oroblanco’ trees grow vigorously to a large size with a somewhat spreading form.  The fruit has a smooth greenish-yellow rind at maturity. ‘Oroblanco’ fruits are oblate in form with a flattened base that has a pronounced indentation. The rind is thicker than the typical grapefruit and both the rind and membranes exhibit the bitterness characteristic of ‘Oroblanco’ s’ pummelo parentage. The flesh is very pale yellow and seedless.  The flavor is mild and sweet.  ‘Oroblanco’ is early in its maturity and holds very well on the tree.

Read the Patent of this variety