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NIH and

  • proposals should be submitted utilizing Cayuse424.
  • NIH's submission deadline is 5PM local (Riverside) time on the day of the deadline.
  • After NIH retrieves an application from, it applies its own validation procedures. "Errors" and "Warnings" are posted on the eRA Commons. "Errors" must be corrected or the application is automatically rejected. "Warnings" are advisory, and depending on the specifics, may or may not need to be addressed. This is why applications need to be submitted initially early enough so that any required corrections can be made prior to the deadline.
  • After an application appears on the eRA Commons, NIH allows the PI only 2 days to review it for errors. These 2 days do not include weekends or holidays. If the application, as displayed on the eRA Commons is not acceptable, the PI must ask their UCR Contract and Grant Officer to withdraw the incorrect version. If the errors were not caused by or NIH, submission of a corrected version after the deadline will be considered a late application and may not be reviewed by NIH until the next cycle.