Export Controls - Dissemination of Research Results

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Academic Freedom (1934):

University Regulation 4: Special Services to Individuals and Organizations (1958):

Academic Senate Resolution on Freedom to Publish Research Results (1962):

University Publication Policy Issued in Contract and Grant Manual (1967):

National Policy on Transfer of Scientific, Technical and Engineering Information and Selected Agency Statements on Publication of Research Results (1985):

NASA Restrictions on U.S. Citizenship in University Space Engineering Research Centers (1987):

Prohibiting Acceptance of Research Funds Restricted to U.S. Citizens (1988):

Unacceptable Data Restrictions in NIH Agreements (1999):

California Senate Concurrent Resolution-Publication Restrictions (1999):

Unacceptable Controls Based on Citizenship Status (Reaffirmation, 1999):

General University Policy Regarding Academic Employees:

Current Policy Reaffirmation and Rejections of Awards Restricting Publication of Results or Participation Based on Citizenship Status: