Office of Research, UC Riverside
Sponsored Programs Administration

Award Negotiation and Setup



Research  and Economic Development (RED), through its Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) unit, provides award-related services to faculty, unit staff, and other central administrative offices. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Negotiating and accepting/executing sponsored awards;
  • Interpreting award terms and conditions, sponsor and university policies, and government regulations;
  • Advising clients regarding special obligations or requirements associated with sponsored awards;
  • Liaising with sponsors;
  • Disseminating award documents via PAMIS;
  • Providing research administration training courses and consulting services; and
  • Promoting and facilitating institutional compliance with government regulations and award requirements.

Award Negotiations

Final Documents Needed to Set Up an Award

Access to Funds

After an award has been received, negotiated (if necessary), and executed by SPA, and SPA’s verification that no regulatory approvals are outstanding, SPA will generate a Notice of Award (NOA) through its internal Award Data Entry system.  Upon SPA’s entry and validation of the NOA, an automated Award Activated email is sent to Extramural Funds (EMF) Accounting and to the PI (and the PI’s Department).  SPA has no further action in the Access to Funds process. 

Next, EMF is responsible for establishing the Fund in the UCR Financial System (UCRFS) while the PI’s Department is responsible for submitting the budget in the UCRFS through the BEA (Budget Establishment and Adjustment) application via the eAward System.  Once the Fund is established and the Budget submitted, the funds will become available.  For additional post-award financial questions, please contact EMF.

Research Agreements

Additional Award Information