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Budgeting International Scholar Center Fees

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Budgeting and Allocating International Scholar Center (ISC) Fees

In July 2008, the International Scholar Center (ISC) implemented a fee-for-service model for visa processing services. The following guidance is provided to assist PIs, departments and research units with budgeting ISC fees in proposal budgets and allocating such costs to sponsored awards. Questions regarding this guidance should be directed to the Contract and Grant Officer assigned to your unit or the Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research.

Circumstances Where Budgeting and Allocating ISC Fees May Be Allowable

The following are examples of circumstances where it may be allowable to budget ISC fees in extramural proposals and allocate such costs to sponsored awards:

  1. A position that is essential to the conduct of a project will be (or has been) recruited and the recruitment will more than likely result (or has resulted) in the hiring of a person other than a U.S. citizen or a U.S. permanent resident.
  2. The research team for a sponsored program includes a current UCR employee who is neither a U.S. citizen nor U.S. permanent resident, whose visa will expire during the project period and where the employee's continued participation in the research is essential to the conduct of the project.
  3. A proposal includes an international exchange of visitors and the purpose of the program is, in part, to provide support for the travel of such visitors to enable face-to-face research collaborations.

The preceding is not an all-inclusive list of examples. Rather, it is meant to encourage thoughtful analysis and to illustrate that each situation is unique and should be evaluated based on the relevant facts and circumstances.


The allowability of ISC processing fees as a direct cost in extramural proposals and on sponsored awards may be determined by considering the circumstances of each case in conjunction with applicable policies and regulations, including but not limited to:

Effective Date: July 14, 2008