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Other Direct Costs

Defining Other Direct Costs

The other direct costs (or other costs) category includes expenses such as animal per diem costs (the cost of animals should be listed as a supply), human subject honoraria, publication charges, subawards, computer time, maintenance and other service agreements/charges, patient care costs, space rental, consultants, alterations or renovations, equipment rental, etc. Some of these costs are discussed below.


Consultants are individuals hired to give professional advice or services for a fee but not as an employee of the University and they do not perform a portion of the programmatic work. Consultants are used to provide such advice or services when no other University employee with like expertise or experience is available to participate in the proposed project. University policy prohibits University personnel from serving as paid consultants on grants or contracts awarded to UCR.

Do not list consultants in the personnel or salary and wages section of the budget.

Cost estimates should be secured in writing. This may be in the form of a written quote or in a letter from the principal investigator or department to the consultant confirming a verbal quote.

Do not use the words "honoraria" or "honorarium" to describe payments to consultants as it implies that there is no requirement to perform any service.

Review the sponsor's budget guidelines for limitations on consultant costs.

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Estimate the cost of preparing and publishing project results by determining the journal(s) in which project results may be published. Then use the established page rate charge(s) assessed by the journal(s) to estimate publication costs based on the anticipated number of pages to be published (based on historical experience).


Entering into a subaward is the means by which a portion of the project work (programmatic or technical effort) is transferred to another entity, UC campus or UC managed lab.

A proposal from the subaward recipient must be secured and included with or incorporated into UCR's proposal. The subaward recipient's proposal should at minimum include a scope of work and budget and must be signed or endorsed by the subaward recipient's authorized official.

Unless otherwised required by the sponsor, the total cost of the subaward (both direct and indirect costs) must be listed as a single cost item in the other direct costs category. If multiple subawards are anticipated, the sum of all subawards should be listed.