Office of Research, UC Riverside
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Travel Information and Guidance

Travel Costs

Travel costs must benefit the proposed project and usually include travel associated with fieldwork and attendance at scientific meetings for the purpose of presenting project findings and/or results.

Domestic/Foreign Travel

Budget domestic travel and foreign travel separately. Foreign travel is defined as any travel outside of Canada and the United States and its territories and possessions.

Air Carriers

In accordance with University policy, U.S. flag air carriers must be used to the maximum extent possible when commercial transportation is the means of travel between the United States and a foreign country or between foreign countries.

Estimating Costs

Use historical costs, contact a travel agent or use an internet travel service (e.g., Travelocity, Expedia, Hotwire, etc.) to estimate airfare, hotel and ground transportation (e.g., rental car) costs.

Remember that UCR employees may take advantage of certain State of California fares and rates. In addition, the University has several travel contracts for rental cars and hotel rooms. The information from the contracts can be very useful in estimating travel costs and are availabe on the UCR Accounting Services Department website.

Use current UCR per diem and mileage rates for domestic travel and U.S. State Department approved rates for foreign travel.


Itemize travel costs in the budget justification only.


Do not use words such as "general" or "miscellaneous" to describe travel costs.