Office of Research, UC Riverside
Sponsored Programs Administration

Principal Investigator Eligibility




Proposals submitted for the extramural funding of research, training, and public service projects, and extramural awards received for such projects, must name an eligible UCR employee to serve as Principal Investigator. The Principal Investigator has primary responsibility for the design, conduct, management and reporting of a research, training, or public service project and is significantly involved in the project.


Who is Eligible to Serve as Principal Investigator?

Academic appointees in the following title groups are eligible to be Principal Investigator, UCR Co-Principal Investigator or UC Co-Principal Investigator, as defined in UCR's Research Policy 527-003:

  1. Members of the Academic Senate, including emeriti.
  2. Appointees in the Agronomist series, including emeriti.
  3. Appointees at 50 percent or more of full time in the Adjunct Professor series.
  4. Appointees at 50 percent or more of full time in the Clinical Professor series.
  5. Appointees at 50 percent or more of full time in the Professional Research series.
  6. Appointees at 50 percent or more of full time in the Cooperative Extension Specialist series.
  7. Appointees at 50 percent or more of full time in the Cooperative Extension Advisor series.


What Appointments Require the Submission of the "Eligibility to Submit Proposals" form?

Anyone who wishes to serve as Principal Investigator, UCR Co-Principal Investigator, UC Co-Principal Investigator or Non-UCR Co-Principal Investigator, as defined in UCR Research Policy 527-003, but does not meet the eligibility criteria described above and set forth in Policy 527-003, should submit a "Request for Exception to Policy Regarding PI Eligibility " form to the Research and Economic Development Office via the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS). Examples of individuals who would need to submit a request for exception include:

  • Academics with visiting appointments
  • Academics with non-tenure track appointments at 49 percent or less of full time
  • Students, postdoctoral fellows, and postdoctoral trainees


Assignment of the PI Role in eCAF

SAAs are responsible for assigning the PI role in eCAF to Principal Investigators and UCR Co-Principal Investigators. The SAA eCAF User Guide describes how to assign this role to eligible PIs and how to request an exception for those who are not eligible.


Submission of Proposals When an Exception Request is Pending

Sponsored Programs Administration will not withhold a proposal for submission pending a decision regarding a request for exception to PI eligibility. Once a proposal has been reviewed and institutional issues other than PI eligibility have been addressed, Sponsored Programs Administration will submit the proposal or sign the proposal and return it to the PI or department for submission. However, this is done with the understanding that should the request for PI exception not be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Research, the proposal will be amended to reflect a new PI or UCR will withdraw the proposal from consideration.