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Managing Federal Grants

UCR has secured campus wide access to the web site "A Guide to Managing Federal Grants for Colleges and Universities". This is a subscriber-only service that includes access to its Web site, monthly print and PDF newsletters, and print and Web access to dozens of pertinent government documents

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From the "Managing Federal Grants" site:

Managing sponsored programs effectively has never been more challenging … and with today's tight budgets it has never been more important. The challenges you face on campus now are technological, administrative and regulatory. The pace of change from Washington - new regs, new policies, new interpretations of existing policies, changes to circulars, mandatory education programs ... not to mention the government's and agencies' push to streamline the electronic grant process - is accelerating at a dizzying rate.

To help your college or university limit its exposure to disallowed costs and avoid loss of federal funding and public relations nightmares, NACUBO and NCURA have teamed up to co-publish A Guide to MANAGING FEDERAL GRANTS, a well-integrated three-part information system, available to everyone on your campus under one subscription.