Office of Research, UC Riverside
Office of Research Integrity



Mission Statement

The Office of Research Integrity provides broad oversight, resources and education for integrity and compliance issues relating to the conduct of research at the University of California, Riverside. The Office of Research Integrity carries out its responsibilities by:

  • Monitoring and making recommendations concerning ethical, professional, federal, state and other (e.g. international) policies or requirements relating to research, whether proposed or in effect;
  • Creating and maintaining the UCR research integrity and compliance infrastructure;
  • Educating and training researchers in the responsible conduct of research and research compliance;
  • Implementing policy and procedural requirements relating to research misconduct and the federal Office of Research Integrity.

Research Responsibility

Research activities are governed by a number of regulatory and compliance committees imposed by federal and state laws. Non-compliance can result in penalties to the institution and the individual. It is the responsibility of any member of the UCR community conducting research to be familiar with university policies as they relate to these research compliance areas.

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