Research and Economic Development (RED)

RED Mission Statement

The Office of Research and Economic Development (RED) is committed to the growth, integrity, diversity and success of the UCR research enterprise and the creation of new knowledge, advanced education, creative inspiration, and economic prosperity.

UC Riverside’s research, originally known for advances in agriculture, has expanded discovery and scholarship throughout the disciplines. Our campus excels in many areas of research, creative work, and the dissemination of the knowledge it generates. Whether in the arts, humanities, education, social sciences, public policy, business, STEM disciplines, or medicine, UCR’s faculty, students, and staff strive to understand the world in which we live and our human experience; educate the next generation of scholars, scientists, and leaders; and provide solutions to the difficult societal, scientific, and technological problems our community, state, the nation, and world face.

As one of the ten campuses of the University of California (UC) system, UCR forms part of one of the largest and most successful public institutions of higher education in the world. Within the UC powerhouse, one of UCR’s particular emphases is on research that contributes to the wellbeing of our region, including air quality, climate, agriculture and food production, natural resources, health disparities, public policy, and economic development. UCR’s discoveries – often grounding in profound basic science research – along with our technologies and translational activities provide solutions for the region’s challenges and can scale to address issues at a global level. 

UCR thrives on the diversity of its students and employees and is committed to the building of a more equitable and inclusive society. Research and scholarly activities are core components of this goal and RED's units and staff are fully dedicated to support and facilitate our growing research enterprise.