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Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) supports and advises campus researchers and their staff with a variety of extramural endeavors and funding transactions. Dedicated staff in SPA serve as UCR's institutional officials responsible for the review and submission of proposals to extramural sponsors for research, training, instructional and other activities. SPA is also responsible for award negotiation and acceptance on behalf of The Regents for projects funded by federal and state agencies, foundations, corporations, and other public and private sources.

Other institutional responsibilities include the issuance and monitoring of outgoing subawards for collaborative research; coordinating pre-award and non-accounting post-award actions requiring either institutional or sponsor prior approval; monitoring institutional compliance with government regulations and award requirements; negotiating and executing various unfunded agreements (e.g., confidential disclosure agreements); and serving as the point of contact for a variety of customer groups, including sponsors, other UCR research units, faculty, and department staff throughout the proposal and award process. It is the philosophy of SPA that providing high quality customer service is essential to ensuring positive and long lasting work relationships, both on and off the UC Riverside campus.

PAMIS eCAF Sunset and Transition to KUALI


eCAF Proposal Submission Transition Process

Information for Principal Investigators

  • What’s an eCAF? 
    UCR's electronic Campus Approval Form (eCAF) is used for the routing, approval and submission of proposals to Sponsored Programs when seeking extramural funding.  The eCAF contains critical information needed by several UCR constituents, such as PIs, Co-PIs, Chairs, Deans, and Research and Economic Development staff. It also documents certain mandatory PI certifications and assurances.

    Note:  An eCAF can be initiated by either a PI or a Contract & Grant Analyst.  Whichever the case, preparing an eCAF is a joint endeavor by a PI and a Contract & Grant Analyst, both of whom have an important role in the process (see eCAF Approval Process ). You may create an eCAF by selecting it from your Authorized Applications section in R'Space.  For further assistance and information, see eCAF .

NCURA YouTube Tuesdays

NCURA “YouTube Tuesdays” are videos produced by the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA).  These short videos (typically 2 – 5 minutes in length), are presented by various research administrators from around the country, and provide educational information on various pre and post award administration topics. Please note that these videos do not specifically represent the University of California’s or UC Riverside's policies or procedures.