Post-Award Administration


Research and Economic Development (RED), through its Sponsored Programs Administration (SPA) unit, provides non-accounting, post-award sponsored programs services to faculty, unit staff, and other central administrative offices. These services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Providing advice regarding the management and administration of sponsored programs;
  • Liaising with extramural sponsors;
  • Providing research administration training courses and consulting services;
  • Coordinating post-award (non-accounting) actions requiring either institutional or sponsor prior approval;
  • Facilitating award modifications (e.g., no-cost time extensions or change in work scope);
  • Interpreting the terms and conditions of awards, sponsor and university policies, and government regulations;
  • Promoting and facilitating institutional compliance with government regulations and award requirements;
  • Negotiating and executing various other unfunded agreements (e.g., collaboration agreements, confidentiality agreements, equipment loan agreements) related to research collaborations and the conduct of sponsored programs;
  • Coordinating export controls issues as they arise during the conduct of sponsored programs; and
  • Drafting, negotiating, executing, and monitoring outgoing subawards to UCR's subrecipients.


After an award has been set-up, the Principal Investigator may determine that the approved budget allocations among the budget cost categories (e.g., personnel, equipment, other direct costs, etc.) will not meet the spending needs of the project.  In such instances, the Principal Investigator may, depending on the particular sponsor’s requirements and the specific award terms, need to formally seek prior approval for the reallocation of funds (i.e., request to rebudget between various cost categories) to support advancement of the project.

  • If prior approval from the sponsor is required, the PI (or the PI’s department) is responsible for preparing a rebudgeting request for SPA’s submission to the applicable sponsor along with sufficient justification for such request.  Upon receipt of sponsor approval, SPA will process a Campus Award Notice (CAN) through Kuali Award.
  • If rebudgeting does not require sponsor approval, SPA’s involvement is not required nor will a CAN be processed through Kuali Award. However, the PI (or the PI’s department) must process the budget reallocations in POETAF within Oracle Project Portfolio Management (PPM).
  • If the terms of the award do not indicate whether rebudgeting is permitted without prior approval or you are unsure of the particular sponsor’s requirements, please contact your Contract & Grant Officer for assistance.

Requests for No Cost Time Extensions to an Award

Should the PI determine that additional time is required to complete the scope of work and/or reporting requirements of an award, then a request for a No Cost Time Extension (NCE) should be timely submitted, through RED to the sponsor, in accordance with sponsor policy.  Please contact your Contract & Grant Officer for assistance.

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