Material Transfer Agreements

Transfer of Materials

In order to enhance campus research and increase research collaboration with industry, non-profit, and other academic institutions, UCR encourages the transfer of materials to and from our campus.  Examples of the type of material requested for transfer include, but are not limited to, biological (from DNA to live animals), non-biological, chemical compounds, data contained in databases, and software codes.

UCR's Office of Research and Economic Development (RED) is here to help facilitate the transfer of materials in support of research and formal research collaborations.  RED reviews and approves material transfer agreements (MTAs) for both the transfer of materials requested by a UCR faculty member from another party (incoming material) as well as requests from another party for the transfer of materials created by, or in the possession of, a UCR faculty member (outgoing material). It is important to realize that MTAs are legally binding contracts. The University and faculty are obliged to live up to the provisions contained therein.  Our goal is to ensure that MTAs reviewed and executed by RED do not restrict academic freedom nor hinder future research while protecting potential inventions and intellectual property for University faculty.

Please do not sign a MTA yourself.  Material transfer officials in The Research and Economic Development Office are the only authorized signatories to sign such agreements on behalf of the university.

Getting Started

To get started, and to provide you with timely service, please complete and submit a Material Transfer Request (a Kuali Build form).  Such request form provides the ability to process material transfer requests electronically with built-in workflow automation, permissions, routing, and notifications.  The Material Transfer Request form can be accessed here.  

Who May Initiate a Material Transfer Request?  Authorization to the request form is based upon Kuali Build C&G roles established within the Enterprise Access Control System (EACS).  For this request form, the submitter must be the Principal Investigator (PI).  Should a PI desire to have a post-doc or student in his/her/their lab assist in preparing the Material Transfer Request, the SAA of the PI's department will first need to assign such post-doc or student with the' MTA Initiator' role within EACS.  For further details on material transfers and utilizing the request form, please review Understanding Material Transfers and the Routing and Roles sections of the Material Transfer Request website located at

If you are submitting a request for incoming materials and already received a MTA from the provider of the materials, please upload a copy (where indicated within the Material Transfer Request form) for RED's review and signature.

If you are submitting a request to outgoing materials, RED will provide UCR’s MTA to the recipient organization.

Contact Us

Please contact for assistance and/or questions involving the transfer of materials (whether incoming or outgoing).


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