Kuali Research

UCR uses cloud-based research applications by Kuali to standardize the processes for research proposals, funding, administration, and documentation across various departments. UCR users can see their existing Kuali protocols/applications/tasks and submit applications for new/renewed/amended protocols by logging in to the Kauli system at ucr.kuali.co/.

The following information is provided to assist those using Kuali applications. Additional training resources can be found in Kuali's Knowledge Base.


Institutional Review Board (IRB) Applications - Human Subjects Research

UCR’s Kuali IRB Protocols submission system will be live starting July 24, 2023. 

The implementation of the new Kuali IRB system will require a transition period from our current IRB review and approval processes. This will include a migration of currently approved studies as well as pending applications into Kuali. Please refer to the following transition timeline:

  • July 10: Researchers should submit any new submissions (new applications, amendment requests, continuing renewals) using the current Word/PDF forms to the IRB office no later than July 10, 2023. After July 10, 2023, there will be a pause on new IRB submissions until July 24, 2023. 
    • Please note: This pause does not apply to submission of reportable events (e.g., non-compliance, protocol deviations, unanticipated problems). The UCR IRB requires that these events are reported to the IRB within 10 working days of discovery.
  • July 11-23: IRB office will be migrating current active and pending applications into the Kuali system. Please note: For IRB applications where researchers have not responded to the IRB’s review comments after 6 months, these studies will not be migrated.
  • July 24: Kuali IRB protocols will be live. Any new submissions/requests should be submitted using the Kuali protocols.

For additional information regarding the transition to Kuali IRB protocols and available training opportunities, please see below resources.
Kuali IRB Resources:


Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) Applications - Animal Use Protocols (AUPs)


Please take advantage of the following training options to help with your transition to Kuali.

Zoom Training

The IACUC Office is currently scheduling Zoom training sessions to assist researchers in transitioning their existing AUPs into UCR's Kuali system. We encourage all investigators to take advantage of this service. Please get in touch with the IACUC Office to schedule a training at iacuc@ucr.edu.

Office Hours

Besides scheduled training, the IACUC Office is available during Kuali Assistance Office Hours on the third Wednesday of the month, from 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm.
Meeting ID: 917 8850 3062
Passcode: 495899


Already completed one or all of the available training opportunities? Logon to Kuali and submit your AUP at https://ucr.kuali.co/

You can find additional forms and resources in the IACUC section of the Forms Page.


Conflict of Interest (COI)

UCR's Kuali application for COI administration is in development. Training will be available when it goes live.


To submit questions about Kuali applications or to suggest training resources, contact kualitraining@ucr.edu.