Office of Research, UC Riverside


SPA Department Assignments By College/Org

Academic Senate  Academic Senate - Admin  Caron Miller
 Academic Senate - Research  Caron Miller

Bourns College of Engineering  Bioengineering  Stephanie May
 CE-CERT  Ursula Prins
 Chemical/Environ. Engineering  Teeny Ellis
 Computer Engineering Program  Cynthia Carr
 Computer Science & Engineering Cynthia Carr
 Ctr for Nano Sci & Engr  Robert Chan
 Ctr for Res in Intelligent Sys Robert Chan
 Electrical & Computer Eng  Robert Chan
 Engineering - Dean's Office  Timothy Wolfe
 Material Sci/Engr Pgm  Timothy Wolfe
 Mechanical Engineering  Karen Garcia
 POEM Center in BCoE  Robert Chan
 UC-KIMS Ctr Innov Mat/Enrg/Env Teeny Ellis
 UC-Light Research Center  Robert Chan
 WC Global Energy Center  Robert Chan

Business & Administrative Serv Early Childhood Services  Robert Chan
 Environmental Health & Safety  Robert Chan
 Housing Services  Robert Chan
 Housing Srvcs. Admin.  Robert Chan
 Police  Robert Chan

CE - College of Nat & Ag Sci  ANR News & Outreach in Spanish Karen Garcia
 CE - BEES Administrative Unit  Karen Garcia
 CE - Biochemistry  Karen Garcia
 CE - BMPN Administration  Karen Garcia
 CE - Botany and Plant Sciences Karen Garcia
 CE - CNAS Dean's Office  Karen Garcia
 CE - Consumer Economics  Karen Garcia
 CE - Earth Sciences  Karen Garcia
 CE - Entomology  Karen Garcia
 CE - Environmental Sciences  Karen Garcia
 CE - Inter-Campus Programs  Karen Garcia
 CE - MCSB  Karen Garcia
 CE - Microbiology & Plant Path Karen Garcia
 CE - Nematology  Karen Garcia
 CE - Statistics  Karen Garcia
 CE-Ag Ops  Karen Garcia
 CE-Unallocated Resources  Karen Garcia

Chancellor  Alpha Center  Ursula Prins
 Audit & Advisory Services  Ursula Prins
 AVC - Diversity & Inclusion  Ursula Prins
 Chancellor's Office - Gen Ops  Ursula Prins
 Chancellor's Office - Other  Ursula Prins
 Govt. & Community Relations  Ursula Prins

Coll of Hum, Arts & Social Sci Anthropology  Stephanie May
 Archaeological Research Unit  Stephanie May
 Art  Teeny Ellis
 Art/Art History Admin  Teeny Ellis
 CHA&SS Dean's Office  Teeny Ellis
 CHA&SS Student Affairs  Stephanie May
 CHASS Facilities MGMT  Teeny Ellis
 Cntr for Biblio. Studies  Teeny Ellis
 Cntr for Ideas and Society  Teeny Ellis
 Cntr for Social & Beh. Sci Res Teeny Ellis
 Comp Lit & For Lang/Hisp Admin Stephanie May
 Comparative Lit & Languages  Stephanie May
 Creative Writing  Stephanie May
 Dance  Stephanie May
 Econ/Poli Sci Admin Unit  Teeny Ellis
 Economics  Teeny Ellis
 English  Stephanie May
 English/Hist/Phil Admin Unit  Stephanie May
 Ethnic Studies  Stephanie May
 Gender & Sexuality Studies  Teeny Ellis
 Gluck Administration  Stephanie May
 Hispanic Studies  Stephanie May
 History  Teeny Ellis
 History of Art  Teeny Ellis
 INACTIVE Theatre Facility Unit Stephanie May
 Institute-Resch: World Systems Teeny Ellis
 Latin American Studies  Karen Garcia
 Liberal Stds & Interdisc Prgs  Teeny Ellis
 Media & Cultural Studies  Teeny Ellis
 MFA Writing Desert Campus  Stephanie May
 Music  Stephanie May
 Performing Arts Admin  Stephanie May
 Philosophy  Stephanie May
 Political Science  Teeny Ellis
 Psychology  Ursula Prins
 Religious Studies  Stephanie May
 Sociology  Stephanie May
 Theatre  Stephanie May
 UCR ARTS  Teeny Ellis

College of Nat & Agr Sciences  Agricultural Operations  Karen Garcia
 BEES Administrative Unit  Robert Chan
 Biochemistry  Stephanie May
 BMPN Administration  Stephanie May
 Botanic Gardens  Cynthia Carr
 Botany and Plant Sciences  Cynthia Carr
 Cell & Developmental Bio Prgm  Teeny Ellis
 Center for Plant Cell Biology  Cynthia Carr
 Chemistry  Timothy Wolfe
 CNAS Dean's Office  Karen Garcia
 CNAS Graduate Stdt Affairs Ctr Teeny Ellis
 CNAS Shops and Facilities  Karen Garcia
 CNAS UG Academic Advising Ctr  Karen Garcia
 CNAS-Unallocated Resources  Karen Garcia
 Cntr for Invasive Spec Rschh  Karen Garcia
 Ctr for Conservation Biology  Stephanie May
 Dry Lands Research Institute  Stephanie May
 Earth Sciences  Robert Chan
 EMN Administration  Timothy Wolfe
 Entomology  Karen Garcia
 Environmental Sciences  Robert Chan
 Environmental Toxicology Prgm  Robert Chan
 Evolution, Ecology & Orgns Bio Timothy Wolfe
 Genetics Program  Cynthia Carr
 INACTIVE Consumer Economics  Karen Garcia
 Institute of Genomics  Cynthia Carr
 Mathematics  Karen Garcia
 Microbiology & Plant Pathology Stephanie May
 Microbiology Prgm  Timothy Wolfe
 Molecular, Cell & Systems Bio  Timothy Wolfe
 Natural Reserves  Timothy Wolfe
 Nematology  Stephanie May
 Physics and Astronomy  Cynthia Carr
 Plant Transformation Facility  Karen Garcia
 Science and Math Initiative  Ursula Prins
 Statistics  Karen Garcia
 Stem Cell Center  Teeny Ellis

Enrollment Services  AVC - Enrollment Services  Robert Chan
 Early Academic Outreach Prog.  Robert Chan
 Financial Aid  Robert Chan
 Office of TRIO Programs  Robert Chan
 Student Affairs Info Systems  Robert Chan
 Undergraduate Admissions  Robert Chan
 Undergraduate Recruitment  Robert Chan
 Univ Eastside Community Collab Robert Chan

Fac- Plng - Design - Const  Architects & Engineers  Ursula Prins
 Building Maintenance & Ops  Ursula Prins
 Building Services  Ursula Prins
 Grounds  Ursula Prins
 Housing Facilities Services  Ursula Prins
 Plant Administration  Ursula Prins
 Plant Services  Ursula Prins
 Purchased Utilities  Ursula Prins
 Refuse  Ursula Prins
 Utility Ops & Maintenance  Ursula Prins

Graduate Division  Graduate Division  Ursula Prins
 Graduate Student Financial Aid Ursula Prins

Graduate School of Education  Graduate School of Education  Timothy Wolfe
 Higher Education Initiatives  Timothy Wolfe
 INACTIVE Calif Educ. Res Coop Timothy Wolfe


INACTIVE DANR - Program Ldrshp INACTIVE DANR-Pgm Leader HR  Teeny Ellis

Info. Technology Solutions  Academic Engagement  Karen Garcia
 Campus Reporting Solutions  Karen Garcia
 Campus Student Technology Fund Karen Garcia
 Computing Support Services  Karen Garcia
 Data Base Administration  Karen Garcia
 Data Center Operations  Karen Garcia
 Enterprise Info Systems  Karen Garcia
 INACTIVE Distance Learning  Karen Garcia
 INACTIVE Photographic Services Karen Garcia
 INACTIVE Video Production  Karen Garcia
 Infrastructure and Systems Ops Karen Garcia
 IT Cybersecurity  Karen Garcia
 ITS Associate Vice Chancellor  Karen Garcia
 Multimedia and Classroom Tech  Karen Garcia
 Network Operations  Karen Garcia
 Student Information Systems  Karen Garcia
 Student Technology Support  Karen Garcia
 Telecommunication Services  Karen Garcia

Palm Desert Graduate Center  Building Maintenance for PDGC  Karen Garcia
 Desert Facilities & Programs  Karen Garcia
 Palm Desert Center  Karen Garcia

Planning & Budget  Campus Wide Sustainability Pgm Karen Garcia
 Capital Planning  Karen Garcia
 Faculty Housing Program  Karen Garcia
 Financial Planning & Analysis  Karen Garcia
 Institutional Research  Karen Garcia
 Strategic Project Management  Karen Garcia
 Sustainability Office  Karen Garcia
 VC - Planning & Budget Office  Karen Garcia

Provost/Exec Vice Chancellor  Acad Personnel - Gen Ops  Stephanie May
 CEVC Information Technology  Stephanie May
 Education Abroad  Stephanie May
 Executive Searches Unit  Stephanie May
 Honors  Stephanie May
 International Stdnt and Schlrs Stephanie May
 Office of Admin Resolution  Stephanie May
 Ombudsman  Stephanie May
 Provost's Office - Gen Ops  Stephanie May
 Provost's Office - Other  Stephanie May
 Strategic Executive Admin Team Stephanie May
 VP International Affairs Admin Stephanie May

School of Business  School of Business  Stephanie May

School of Medicine  Biomedical Sciences  Ursula Prins
 Clinical Affairs  Cynthia Wells
 Community Engage  Ursula Prins
 Dept. of Family Medicine  Ursula Prins
 Graduate Medical Education  Ursula Prins
 Residency & Fellowship Prgs  Ursula Prins
 SOM - Dean's Office  Ursula Prins
 SOM - Student Affairs  Ursula Prins
 SOM Cntr, Healthy Communities  Ursula Prins
 SOM Compliance  Ursula Prins
 SOM Corona Regional  Ursula Prins
 SOM Dignity Health  Ursula Prins
 SOM DRMC Desert Regnl Med Cntr Ursula Prins
 SOM Finance & Administration  Ursula Prins
 SOM Gifts, Endow, Scholarship  Ursula Prins
 SOM Haider Spine Center  Ursula Prins
 SOM Internal Medicine  Ursula Prins
 SOM John F. Kennedy Hosp (JFK) Ursula Prins
 SOM Medicine  Ursula Prins
 SOM Neuroscience  Ursula Prins
 SOM OB/GYN  Ursula Prins
 SOM Parkview Hospital  Ursula Prins
 SOM Pediatrics  Ursula Prins
 SOM RCDMH - Mental Health  Ursula Prins
 SOM RCH: Riverside Cmty Hosp  Ursula Prins
 SOM RCRMC:County Hospital  Ursula Prins
 SOM Research  Ursula Prins
 SOM Resources  Ursula Prins
 SOM Strategic Rsc Ctr  Ursula Prins
 SOM Surgery  Ursula Prins
 SOM Tenet Foundation  Ursula Prins
 SOM UCR Health  Ursula Prins
 SOM Universal Health System  Ursula Prins
 UCLA/UCR Partnership  Ursula Prins
 Undergrad Medical Ed  Ursula Prins

School of Public Policy  Blum Initiative  Teeny Ellis
 Center for Social Innovation  Teeny Ellis
 Center for Tech/Society/Policy Teeny Ellis
 CSSD-Cntr for Sust Suburb Dev  Teeny Ellis
 One Health Center  Teeny Ellis
 Pres Cntr for Crime & Justice  Teeny Ellis
 SPP - Dean's Office  Teeny Ellis
 SPP-Center Admin Support Unit  Teeny Ellis



UC-Mexico Initiative  UC-Mexico Initiative  Teeny Ellis

UCR Intercollegiate Athletics  Intercollegiate Athletics  Karen Garcia

Undergraduate Education  Academic Resource Center  Stephanie May
 CAMP  Stephanie May
 Summer Session  Stephanie May
 Summer Session Other  Stephanie May
 Undergraduate Education  Stephanie May
 University Writing Program  Stephanie May

University Extension  UNEX - Business Services  Karen Garcia
 UNEX - Dean's Office  Karen Garcia
 UNEX - Facilities  Karen Garcia
 UNEX - Parking  Karen Garcia
 UNEX - Student Serv  Karen Garcia
 UNEX CPP-Community & Prof Pgms Karen Garcia
 UNEX Reserves  Karen Garcia
 UNEX-Education  Karen Garcia
 UNEX-Humanities  Karen Garcia
 UNEX-Information Tech  Karen Garcia
 UNEX-International Educ Pgms  Karen Garcia
 UNEX-International Prof Pgms  Karen Garcia
 UNEX-Management & Prof Pgms  Karen Garcia
 UNEX-Miscellaneous Programs  Karen Garcia
 UNEX-Overseas Programs  Karen Garcia

University Library  University Library  Stephanie May

Vice Chancellor - Research  Office of Campus Veterinarian  Ursula Prins
 RED Research Centers  Ursula Prins
 Research & Economic Develop Of Ursula Prins
 Research Compliance  Ursula Prins
 Sponsored Pgm Admin Services  Ursula Prins
 Technology Partnerships  Ursula Prins
 UC MEXUS  Teeny Ellis

Vice Chancellor - Univ Adv  Advancement Finance & Admin  Karen Garcia
 Alumni Engagement  Karen Garcia
 Event Management & Protocol  Karen Garcia

Vice ChancellorStudent Affairs African Student Programs  Robert Chan
 Asian Pacific Student Programs Robert Chan
 AVC Health & Wellness  Robert Chan
 AVC/Dean of Students  Robert Chan
 Counseling & Psychological Svc Robert Chan
 Cultural Events  Robert Chan
 Highlander Union  Robert Chan
 KUCR  Robert Chan
 Native American Student Pgm  Robert Chan
 Student Affairs Admin  Robert Chan
 Student Disability Resource Ct Robert Chan
 Student Health Services  Robert Chan
 Student Life  Robert Chan
 Student Mental Health  Robert Chan
 Women's Resource Center  Robert Chan

Water Resources INACTIVE  INACTIVE Water Resources Board Teeny Ellis