Campus Veterinarian

About the Campus Veterinarian

The campus veterinarian oversees all animal facilities at the University of California, Riverside (UCR). The laboratory animal care and use program at UCR complies with federal, state, and local guidelines for laboratory animal care.

UCR adheres to federal regulations as published in:

The university has a letter of assurance on file with the Public Health Service and is registered as a research facility with the:

UCR's program for the humane care and use of laboratory animals involves several entities working together to ensure that the university complies with the numerous federal, state, local, and institutional guidelines and regulations, and remains accredited by their regulatory agencies. These entities are the:

All animal use at UCR facilities is covered by IACUC approved Animal Use Protocols.

The information provided here is for the benefit of the UCR research community. We welcome your comments and suggestions. Please contact us by phone or email.


  • Animal Care and Use Concerns

    Animal Care and Use Concerns


    If you believe that misuse, mistreatment, or noncompliance has occurred, you can report anonymously via multiple channels


    If you have any concerns or questions regarding animal welfare, you can contact anonymously via multiple channels.

    Whom to Contact

    To ensure prompt attention to any reported allegation, as well as to ensure anonymity of any “whistleblower” reports, please contact the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC), Vice Chancellor for Research, Attending Veterinarian or veterinary staff, IACUC Chair, or any IACUC member:


    Tel: (951) 827-4813

    900 University Avenue
    University Office Bldg. 245
    Riverside, CA 92521-0217

    Vice Chancellor for Research

    Tel: (951) 827-3093

    Attending Veterinarian

    Tel. (951) 660-3565
    Fax (951) 827-2396

    IACUC Chair

    Tel. (951) 827-7054

    In compliance with applicable whistleblower policies, the reporting party will be protected from reprisal (available here).

    For information on investigative procedures, please refer to the IACUC Policy #529-201 on Reporting the Mistreatment of Animals and Deficiencies in Their Care at UCR.

    Questions or allegations can be directed to EthicsPoint, and independent agency that will maintain your confidentiality and anonymity: (Link).

    OCV 07/2019

  • Vivaria Rates

    Vivaria Rates

    FY24 (2023-2024)

    Rate Description FY24 Rate
    Cats (each) $7.64
    Chickens $12.56
    Peromyscus $1.52
    Mice (Non-Barrier)  $1.03
    Mice - IVC (Barrier)  $1.45
    Mice - IVC (Barrier, Gnotobiotic)  $3.21
    Mice - Disposable caging/ABSL-2  $1.76
    Rats (Conventional)  $2.68
    Rats - Disposable caging/ABSL-2  $3.33
    Turtles $2.19
    Lizards  $7.30
    Frogs $5.78
    Labor Rates Per Hour FY24 Rate
    Animal Technician $56.16
    Animal Health Technician $59.78
    Veterinarian $151.77
    New Rates for FY24 FY24 Rate
    Lizards - PI Labor $2.02
    Frogs - PI Labor $2.11
    Rabbits $4.84
  • Emergency Contact Information

    Emergency Contact Information


    Campus Phone

    Off Campus / Cell Phone

    UCR Campus Police


    (951) 827-5222

    Security/UCPD Dispatch


    (951) 827-5222

    Physical Plant


    (951) 827-4677

    Environmental Health & Safety


    (951) 827-5528

    Office of the Campus Veterinarian


    (951) 660-3565

    Vivarium Operations


    (951) 323-7586

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