Vivaria Rates and Charges

FY 2021-22

Species Rate
Cats $6.32
Chickens $12.56
Peromyscus $1.27
Mice (Non-Barrier) $.86
Mice-IVC (Barrier) $1.42
Rats (Conventional) $2.42
Turtles (per animal, not per tank) $2.19
Labor - Animal Technician Hourly Rate $51.20/hr
Labor - Veterinarian Hourly Rate $136.87/hr
Labor - Animal Health Technician $58.16/hr
Disposable Caging/Animal BSL-2 $1.46
Mice - IVC (Barrier, Gnotobiotic) $2.81

Monthly Per Diem Charges

Investigators, do the following to view your per diem charges:

  • Navigate to the OrPortal Website. (Opens in a new window.)
  • Log-in using your UCR Net ID and password.
  • Click the "Reports and Inquiries" Tab
  • Click on the "Financial Spreadsheets" link under the Campus Veterinarian Reports section.
  • You should see a folder with your UCR net ID name.  Open it and your spreadsheets will be available.

For assistance, please contact the Office of the Campus Vet.

Vivaria Forms

Click here to view vivaria forms.