Limited Submissions

How to Submit an internal proposal for a Limited Submission

In Limited Submission programs, the sponsor restricts the number of applications or proposals a campus may submit. Sometimes known simply as "Limiteds," these types of competitions require institutions to screen internal proposals or nominations and select only the most competitive to go forward.

When considering an agency request for proposals (RFP), a PI should review the instructions for any limitations, typically noted under "eligibility." Certain agencies have harsh consequences for institutions submitting more than their limit, e.g., none of the submissions is reviewed. Although the Research and Economic Development Office attempts to identify limited submissions, if you find a limited submission not listed here, please email

The deadline for internal proposals is 4PM unless otherwise indicated.

  • Submission Instructions

    Submission Instructions

    1. Fill out a UCR Internal Preproposal Application Form.
    2. Append to the form all requested items (narrative, budget, etc.) to create a single PDF attachment. The internal application form requests specific information to be appended. Please include:
      • Narrative: Please summarize project Specific Aims/Intellectual Merit/Goals and agency priorities, e.g. outreach, evaluation, organizational structure.   This allows internal reviewers to evaluate how well the proposal will meet the agency's award criteria.
      • One-page summary budget.  Only a rough budget is needed.
      • CV/biosketch for each investigator listed above (2 page max. each). This allows internal reviewers to assess the qualifications of the investigators.
      • Any agency reviews of prior submissions.   Explain how you will address any perceived weaknesses stated in the reviews.
      • PI/Co-PI funding histories with agency:   This is required for center grants (e.g., grants with more than two PIs), education and outreach grants, and equipment grants.  Include a separate list of active agency-funded projects, which are generally expected by agencies making these larger awards to groups of faculty with ongoing awards. This list is not needed for fellowships or foundation grants.
    3. Send the completed form to
    4. If you previously applied to the agency for this funding opportunity, were not successful, and are revising the submission, please provide a copy of the agency reviews with the internal proposal and indicate how you plan to address any deficiencies identified by the reviewers.
    5. All PIs are requested to individually submit their applications and include the title of the Limited in the subject line of their email.

    * If total award is under $250,000, complete only the cover sheet and attach a one-page narrative on the project idea, how it aligns with the RFP, and roles of investigators.


Internal Review and Institutional Endorsements of Limited Submissions Opportunities

The purpose of this document is to establish an equitable process to select proposals for external funding when an agency limits the number of institutional submissions allowable by investigators and/or institutions.  This applies to all PIs responding to “limited submission opportunities.”
Selection Process for Limited Submissions


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