Campus Veterinarian Forms

All these forms must be submitted to the Office of the Campus Veterinarian for processing.
For additional training information, see the Training Page.

Vivaria Forms

  • Purchase Requisition Form
    For use when requesting purchases of animals or supplies for your protocol (AUP).  Please complete and turn in to your Vivarium Manager. Be sure to include an FAU to charge and have your Dept. Financial Administrator sign before submitting.
  • Animal Disposal Requisition
    For use when requesting animal carcass disposal.  Please complete and submit to the vivarium manager.
  • Animal Transfer Request Form
    For use when you are transferring animals to UCR from another Institution, or out of
    UCR to another Institution. Please complete and turn in to the Vivaria Manager in the Vivaria. For incoming animals, transfers may take place after the sentinel report is received.
  • On Campus Animal Transfer Request Form *
    For use when you are transferring animals from one vivarium to another at UCR or between PI's at UCR.  Please complete and turn in to your Vivarium Manager.
    Transfers may only take place after the request has been approved by the appropriate Vivarium Managers and the Campus Veterinarian.
  • Animal Health Report
    For use when you are reporting a health problem or death of an animal.  Please be sure to give a copy to your Vivaria Manager.
  • Vivarium Access Code Request Form (If your vivarium is Life Science/Spieth)
    For new vivarium users who need an access code to enter the vivarium. Please complete, have PI sign (if student), and take form to the Office of the Campus Veterinarian.  It takes approx. 1 week for code to be programmed. (You do not need to fill this form out if you are in the Boyce East or Biomed Vivarium).

* Note: You may need to save this PDF to your local drive and open in an Adobe client to utilize fillable fields.

    For forms related to the use of animals in research (Animal Use Protocols, or AUPs, and amendments to AUPs), please go to the IACUC forms page.