eCAF Approvals

An eCAF can be initiated by either a PI or a Contract & Grant Analyst. Whichever the case, preparing an eCAF is a joint endeavor by a PI and a Contract & Grant Analyst, both of whom have an important role in the process.

If the eCAF is initiated by a PI, it will automatically be routed next to someone assigned the role of Contract & Grant Analyst for review and approval.

When the Contract & Grant Analyst finishes his or her input (or review, if the eCAF was submitted by a PI) the eCAF will be routed to the PI for final review, approval, and input of required certifications on the PI Research Integrity tab.

After giving a final approval, the PI forwards the eCAF to the department Chair or research unit Director, who approves it and submits it to theOffice of Research and Economic Development (RED) for final approval before the proposal’s submission to the appropriate agency.

If, however, the proposal has UCR Co-PIs, the PI forwards the eCAF to the Co-PIs before submission to the Chair or Director. The Co-PIs are responsible for providing the same certifications and assurances as the PI. When the last Co-PI finishes, the eCAF will be submitted to the Chair(s) or Director(s).

If the proposal requires a Dean’s approval, the eCAF will be routed to him or her after the last Chair(s) or Director(s) have approved it. The Dean’s approval triggers submission to the Office of Research and Economic Development (RED) or final review. See eCAF business rules relating to Dean's approval and routing.