Deparment Checklist

A summary of what will happen prior to your department's first use of the eCAF system:

  • An eCAF Trainer Meets with Your Systems Access Administrator and Contract & Grant Analysts(s)

    The first step in implementing eCAF is for your department’s SAA and Contracts & Grants Analyst(s) to meet with an eCAF trainer who will provide hands-on instruction and training in the use of eCAF.

  • The Assistant Vice Chancellor for Research Meets with your Department's Academic Head

    The AVCR will discuss several issues with the Department’s Academic Head related to eCAF including overall campus implementation strategy, support for implementing eCAF within the department, and the role of the Department Academic Head in the eCAF system and proposal approval process.

  • Your Department Tests the System

    A proven method to introduce eCAF within a department is to select two willing volunteers who have upcoming proposals they are willing to route through the eCAF system. Your department will have the full support and attention of the eCAF support team to help if there are any glitches during this stage.

  • Your Unit Makes a Departmental Announcement That eCAF Will Soon Be Deployed

    Notify your PIs that your department will begin using eCAF. Sample text is available here.

    Implementation will be staggered across the campus so that faculty and analysts both in the units and the Office of Research are able to successfully implement this new Web-based system.

  • Your Department Invites PIs to Training and Orientation Hosted by Office of Research Staff

    The Office of Research provides training and orientation for PIs and the Chair describing the system, and both the Web-based and telephone support that will be available.