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CITI Program Training for IRB Requirements

This page provides instructions for using CITI courses to satisfy Human Subjects Research (HSR) training requirements for IRB applications.

Human Subjects Research courses vary by discipline. You only need to complete one of these based on your field of study:

  • Biomedical Research Investigators
  • Social & Behavioral Research Investigators
  • Research with Data or Laboratory Specimens Only

Step One: Create/Access Your Account

a. New CITI Users (use UCR institutional email if available)

  1. If you have never registered for CITI courses, navigate to the CITI website and click the Register link
  2. Affiliate with UCR by typing the full name: "University of California at Riverside"
  3. Provide the requested user information and click the Next button

b. Returning Users with CITI Accounts Created at UCR

  1. Log into the CITI website
  2. On the Welcome Page in the Learner Tools section, click the Add a Course link

c. Returning Users with CITI Accounts from Other Institutions

UCR accepts CITI certifications, regardless of employer, if the training was completed within the past three years. See the instructions for retrieving certificates of completion. Please submit a copy to You may be required to re-take the above modules in CITI if the previous training did not include human subjects training or if it was completed more than three years ago.

  1. Log into the CITI website using your username and password from the other institution
  2. On the welcome page, click the Add an Affiliation button

  3. Choose University of California at Riverside as your institution
  4. Provide the required profile information and click the Next button to advance to the curriculum selection

Step Two: Select Curriculum

The Select Curriculum page contains several questions designed to help you choose courses to be added to your profile.

Be sure to choose training from the relevant HSR category.

For most of the questions, you can only make one selection, but courses can easily be added later.

For Question 1, select Not at this time and for Question 2, select No.

The courses related to HSR appear in Question 3, so select one from that list. Select the course that most closely matches your research.

For the remaining questions, select No or Not at this time, depending on the options available.

At the end of the page, click the Submit button. A message indicates that your enrollment was successful.


You can start the training right away or complete it later by exiting and logging back into the CITI website.

Step Three: Verify Your Completion Records

CITI automatically records Human Subjects training data and in most cases your completion can be confirmed by UCR staff. However, you may choose to generate a certificate of completion for your own records. This is especially important if you completed the training through a different institution, since UCR staff can only access records for people who affiliated with UCR prior to completing the training.

  1. Log into the CITI website
  2. Click the View Courses button to go to the Courses page, where you can review a list of your complete and incomplete courses

  3. Click the View-Print-Share Record button next to the completed course

  4. Select the method you prefer for sharing your completion and click the associated button

For questions regarding HSR training requirements, contact

For technical questions, contact CITI at or 1-888-529-5929.

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