NSF and Grants.gov

  • Grants.gov proposals should be submitted utilizing Cayuse424.  (Alternatively, NSF proposals may be submitted using NSF FastLane.)
  • PIs must first be registered as a NSF FastLane user [contact your department's contract and grant officer] prior to submitting a grant application to Grants.gov. They can then Access FastLane to view the status of the application that was submitted to Grants.gov.
  • NSF's Grants.gov submission deadline is 5PM local (Riverside) time on the day of the deadline.
  • Use of the FastLane's Proposal File Update module to change or correct a previously submitted application must be in conformance with NSF policies for submission of such updates. These policies are available in Chapter III, Section 7.3 of the NSF Grants.gov Instruction Guide at: http://www.nsf.gov/bfa/dias/policy/docs/grantsgovguide.pdf.
  • NSF Grant Proposal Guide