MTA Online Material Transfer Request System - Overview



The MTA Online Material Transfer Request System provides the ability to process material transfer requests electronically.

In order to enhance campus research and increase research collaboration with industry, non-profit, and other academic institutions, UCR encourages the transfer of materials to and from our campus.  Examples of the type of material requested for transfer include, but are not limited to, biological (from DNA to live animals), non-biological, chemical compounds, data contained in databases, and software codes.  To facilitate the transfer of materials, a request must be processed using the MTA On-Line Material Transfer Request System.   Such request system can be accessed by clicking 'Material Transfer Request System' via the PAMIS (Proposal and Award Management Information System) Portal from the Authorized Applications section in R'Space.

A material transfer agreement (MTA) will subsequently be handled by the Office of Research and Economic Development to govern the terms and conditions of the transfer, and use, of the requested materials between the providing and recipient institutions. Please review the links within this web page for additional information regarding the MTA Online Material Request System.